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Expert Staff, Years of Experience...

I am Özgür Lortoğlu,

I have a solid background in the business world with my extensive experience in desktop and web software for more than 20 years. I had the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills I acquired during this time to maximize customer satisfaction and successfully complete business projects.

In particular, I reinforce my expertise in web software and e-commerce by providing Etsy Marketplace consultancy services. I offer strategic solutions for businesses to effectively establish a presence and reach potential customers on Etsy's dynamic and growing platform. My ability to manage e-commerce projects from start to finish is supported by my success in understanding and satisfying customer needs.


My knowledge of many programming languages and technologies, especially web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, contributes to my ability to plan and implement projects effectively. Additionally, I remain determined to achieve success in every project with my problem-solving skills, teamwork spirit and customer-oriented approach.

I am applying for your opportunity with the desire to collaborate in a way that can create value for both me and your company. I look forward to talking to you in more detail about my experiences and success stories when you have the opportunity for a detailed meeting.

Thank you for your interest and valuable time.


Best regards, Özgür Lortoğlu

web tasarımı, e-ihracat, Etsy Danışmanlık, yazılım
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