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e-export, e-commerce

Offer your products for sale on your own e-commerce e-export site and reach billions of customers who shop online through marketplaces.

Lord-e Education Consultancy 
  1. Web page, logo, graphic design service

  2. E-export and e-commerce consultancy services to companies

  3. Software consulting service

e-export, Etsy, Amazon



Sales Consultancy Service on Marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon

Web Page, Web Design, Graphic Design

Enterprise Software

ERP CRM Software Consultancy Service

ikas, ideasoft, entegra, micro software

Corporate Web Design,

Graphic design


-Creating a Google Business Account and Connecting it to the Site

-Appearing in the First Ranks of Google

-Corporate Logo Creation

-SEO Service

-Domain Name and Hosting Services

Website Sample Projects

Lord-e Education Consultancy has provided Corporate Web Page Installation and Consultancy Services in many fields with its years of experience.

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